China Certification Center for Security and Protection(CSP) was established by the authorization of Certification and Accreditation Administration of People’s Republic of China(CNCA) and Ministry of Public Security of People’s Republic of China(MPS) and a third party and fair body to conduct public security product evaluation.
CCC certification for security and protection product has been implemented from May1, 2002. The security and protection products listed in the “List of Security Technology Protection CCC Product Certification” without CCC labels are not allowed to produce, import, distribution and be used in installation.
CSP implements product certification for security technology protection, forensic science technology and road traffic security and has a group of technicians, engineers, senior engineers with abundant theories and practical experiences in the field of product quality supervision, standardization, product testing and technology research who are professionally familiar with certification acceptance, testing, factory inspection and certification evaluation. The subcontractors of the laboratory of CSP are all passed China national laboratory accreditation evaluation.
CSP established comprehensive quality system according to CNAB-AC21(ISO/IEC Guide 65).
The tenet of CSP is: to persist in the work principle of science, fairness and independence, to abide strictly by China national laws, rules and specifications, to follow international routine, to maintain the legal rights of the companies who obtained certificate, to keep confidential and fair promise and serve our domestic and foreign clients with all our heart.